Peter Sobotta doznał urazu i wycofał się z gali UFC w Kopenhadze

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Niestety Peter Sobotta doznał urazu i wycofał się ze startu na gali UFC w Kopenhadze. Zawodnik podkreślił, że trenował bardzo ciężko i zaliczył udany obóz w Renzo Gracie BJJ w Nowym Jorku, a później kontynuował przygotowania w Balingen z czołowymi europejskimi fighterami. Posiadający polskie korzenie Sobotta nie zdradził dokładnie jakiego urazu doznał jednak nawiązał do sytuacji z przeszłości, gdy zbagatelizował chorobą i niemal zmarł na oddziale ratunkowym. Peter przyznał, że pewnie uroni łzę widząc zawodnika, który będzie wychodził do octagonu na jego miejscu.

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Hey guys, unfortunately, I don’t have any good news today: I hurt myself in training last week and I won’t be able to fight in Copenhagen. As you can probably imagine, I am devastated that this has happened so close to the fight. I’ve been training hard for the past nine weeks. I’ve been to @RenzoGracieBJJ in New York and I’ve had some of the best training partners in Europe with me in Balingen, helping me get ready for the fight. That all of this is going to be all for nothing is bitter, but unfortunately, it’s part of our job. I’ve been training in mixed martial arts for half of my life. I’m a full-time professional for over ten years. I’ve torn ligaments, broken bones and I won’t even mention all the countless bumps and bruises. Six years ago, I almost died in an emergency surgery because I was too hard on myself and took a serious illness lightly. Although training methods have changed in the past fifteen years, this is still full contact fighting. When you train hard, the danger of hurting yourself is always there. And you have to train extremely hard to be prepared for a fight in the @UFC. In doing so, accidents can happen. When somebody else is making the walk to the Octagon next week, that will probably make me want to cry. But these past couple of weeks were certainly good for one thing: The old fire is burning again! I fell down, want to climb again! And I promise you that this is definitely not the last thing you’ve seen of me. Peter

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