Daniel Roberts


Bartosz Sobczak, myMMA.pl: Hi Morten first of all thanks for your time, what’s happening with you now? We haven’t seen you in cage since april win against Waachiim Spiritwolf?
Morten Hougaard Djursaa:
After my fight against Waachiim Spiritwolf I took some time of to finish my bachelor in pedagogy. I kind of messed up an exam and barely passed it because of my mind being on the fight against Spiritwolf. After this me and my wife, Maria Hougaard Djursaa, that defeated Jorina Baars earlier the same night as I fought Spiritwolf, took some vacation with our son.

I know that you have booked fight with Nicolas Dalby it will be fight for top WW position in Denmark outside UFC. Where are you training to this fight and with who?
Now I am back in training. Preparing for my bout against Nicolas Dalby. A fight I expect to be fireworks. I am preparing for the fight primarily in Fighter Center Odense with my coach David Rosmon and my sparring partners from the MMA team as well as the BJJ and muay thai team with my training partner Kasper Tobberup. A former Danish muay thai champion and 3rd at the IFMA world championship in Russia in 2012.